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New Jersey Casino Vote

With so much activity over online gambling at the moment in the United States, it is pretty hard to keep up. Nevada was the first to make a change, upholding their reputation as the gambling capital of the US by legalising online gambling and allowing two firms to be put forward as the first providers of new casinos on the web. It looks almost certain that the vote allowing them to go ahead will be passed, and when it does all eyes will be on what happens to Nevada’s economy. The prediction? A huge tax boom as a result of the casinos, which will be ploughed straight back into the state’s budget – and many others are now starting to catch on to this idea. With movement in California this week as well, New Jersey is looking to join the crowd with new online casino regulations in the state.

Last year, Governor Chris Christie blocked a proposal for legalisation, citing concerns that the tourism levels in Atlanta City would fall and that the area would ultimately lose out. This time around, however, things are different – other nearby states have made a move towards legalising gambling, and the Garden State cannot afford to lose out. Delaware are looking at online poker right now, in a proposal that would aim to ally them with West Virginia and Rhode Island in order to maximise tax profits and make regulations easier. It is predicted that if such a deal goes ahead, Atlanta City will end up suffering greatly as a direct result, no matter what the situation in New Jersey is at that time. Gambling on the web is not going to go away now that it has surfaced in such a dramatic fashion.

A new proposal to legalise online casinos has just survived committee, which means only one thing – a full Assembly vote. No one seems to know where Governor Christie will stand, and he is giving nothing away to journalists – he implied heavily that no one was going to hear about his opinion on the matter until the proposal is lying on his desk and the time to make a decision arrives. He is playing hard to get, but does that mean he is changing his mind, or is he just bluffing us?

It could be that he is holding off on giving an opinion until he sees how things fall in Nevada. If the licences that they are deliberating over on Thursday are granted, perhaps Governor Christie will feel more tempted to allow the legislation to pass – and allow New Jersey to enjoy the benefits.

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